NFD10 date release party

You´ve waited a long time, but on Saturday the 04th of December we will finally give you the date for Nordicfurdance 10. We will stream the whole thing live on our Twitch channel. Together with the DJs Asgra & Fjordy we want to give you a bit of a fortaste of Nordicfurdance 10, which we will start with you next year.

If you are on the road, don’t panic, we will announce the date in parallel on our social media channels and afterwards on the website.

Start of the stream 04. December at 6pm CET. Link to Twitch

What happens next?

All guests with existing tickets will be contacted in January. If you did not get your ticket refunded in the last 2 years or donated it there’s no need to register again. If the new date does not suit you, you will have the opportunity to cancel your ticket again.

We’ll also contactWe’ll also contact all guests who have donated their ticket, they will be able to register one week earlier.

Remaining tickets will be up for sale after that. The start of the Reg for those will be announced at the NFD10 date release party.

As originally planned in 2020, the NFD10, our anniversary, will be celebrated in 2022 big time. We’ll start on Friday with a small program and on Saturday we will launch the dance! Program highlights from our “NFD Online” will be part of Friday night’s entertainment.

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