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No, however, it should be appropriate. Normal street clothes are just as perfect as a neon raver outfit.
Wearing real fur is undesirable, no matter if part of the outfit or fursuit part. Petplay masks or fetish clothing please leave at home.

ABSOLUTELY! A fursuit is not a must have for cons, dances, etc. Don’t let anyone talk you into it. Even without a fursuit you can have a lot of fun at the events.

Usually there is nothing against it (flyer etc.) but please ask beforehand. You can always reach someone from the team at the reg or ask beforehand in the chat / by mail.

Very gladly even, as long as the logos are not changed. You can find a banner in the imprint.

If we find something and can match it, we contact the owner. If the owner is unknown, we store it in the lost and found box for a while.
If something is missing, write to info@nordicfurdance.de , maybe we have collected it.

Sure! As long as the visitors do not feel disturbed. Commercial reporting, on the other hand, is unwanted, i.e. newspaper/television.

Please do not bring your own beverages for the event, as beverage sales help fund the NFD. Drinks for Suiter will be provided free of charge.
Please leave your own food at home, there is plenty of food available on site. However, there is nothing to be said against snacks in a small setting.

This depends largely on the respective DJ’s, a rough direction: electro, house, trance, pop, possibly hardstyle and dubstep. A more detailed list can be found on the “Dance” page, when the DJ’s are set.

The entrance starts on Saturday at 13:00 CEST. The dance will end around 02:00-03:00 CEST on the following day.

It’s certainly not fun for the animal and poses risks for us, so it’s not allowed.

Here are some key points what you should definitely have with you, this should of course be expanded by your own needs.
Guest: ID document, cash, bank card
As fursuiter: undersuit and balaclava in multiple versions, deodorant, fur brush, clothes hanger, change of clothes.
As a overnight guest: sleeping pad(cot,air mattress), sleeping bag/blanket/pillow, hygiene utensils, towel.

We are a well-established team but good team members are always welcome. If you feel called, are dynamic, resilient and a team player, please contact us at info@nordicfurdance.de and we will see if it fits!

Smoking is allowed on the terrace, we also offer seating there. You can also bring a hookah and enjoy it there.
Smoking inside is strictly prohibited. Please always pay attention to Suiter and dispose remnants after smoking in the ashtrays and not on the floor.

Absolutely! Look under “Dance -> Buffet” for what is offered.
If it does not suit you, you can also have a look for a restaurant in the vicinity.

Hamburg! Or to be more precise: Försterweg 163, in 22525 Hamburg

To do so, you must select the option “Hotel room offer” during the REG process. Then we will contact you with bookable rooms. You can find more informations on the “Location” Page.

Only in the hotel rooms for hotel guests, as well as in the sleeping room(it’s a bigger hotel room) for the overnight guests.

Unfortunately, the dance floor is so small that we will most likely not use lasers.

Yes there will be a live stream! Details will be announced a few days before the dance via Twitter/Telegram and via our website.

Depending on the position on the dance floor it can be quite loud (everyone has his personal feeling). To make sure that limits are respected, we take measurements and correct the sound if necessary. If you stay longer on the dance floor, we recommend the free earplugs at the entrance.

As a suiter, you have the advantage of being able to charge the devices you bring with you in the headless lounge. The available sockets in the headless lounge are approved for guest devices. We are NOT responsible for personal items, so do not leave your items unattended.
If you have a hotel room, there is of course also the possibility to charge devices there.
It is forbidden to use unapproved sockets (all outside the headless lounge, in the NFD rooms), if you urgently need to charge something, please ask a team member beforehand.

We are not aware of any charging stations at the location, please check charging services for stations in the surrounding area.

No, unfortunately not, due to safety regulations.

Yes, we offer free WiFi, please also note the information on site.

As a sponsor you support the NFD actively, in many ways!
You can choose between a sponsor (5€) or super sponsor (15€) at the reg (or both together, so sponsor x2!).
Sponsors will receive a printed lanyard and super sponsors will also receive a small extra gift at the reg.

NFD Ticket Saturday (25€): This includes the entrance to the NFD on Saturday and buffet.
In addition, the tickets cover all other costs that occur in order to set up such an event.
Further costs will only arise if you book accommodation or buy something to drink at the bar etc.

The reg will open on 08.04.2022 at 20:00 CEST and will close on 06.05.2022 at 20:00 CEST

The minimum age for participation is 18 years. This has to do with the protection of minors, requirements of the location and insurance.
Unfortunately, we cannot accept a parent/guardian note.

No that’s not possible. We need a rough attendee count some days before the event starts to calculate the buffet, print the badges and so on. If you can decide your participation at very short term, register anyway, write us and we will arrange a payment at the entrance.

Yes, there is. If all spots in the reg are taken, you can manually put yourself on the waiting list. Write to us at reg@nordicfurdance.de and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Alternatively, you can wait until places become available again due to missed payment deadlines. But remember, people on the waiting list have more of a chance.

You can find a complete description in the “REG” section.

We also have expenses before the Dance starts. As with almost all other events, a refund is therefore unfortunately not possible. However, we can transfer your registration to another person.

The sleeping rooms are larger hotel rooms, which need to be rent, that creates extra costs.

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